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The State of Creating Better Government Websites

Up until the late 2010s, it was a nearly country-wide shared experience to seek information on a government website (federal or state) and suddenly find yourself back in 1997. On the web, the colors were loud, the information was crowded, the navigation was almost nonexistent and actual answers were elusive.

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4 Questions with Digital Marketing Expert Jeff Pugel

On October 10, The Marketing Alliance (formerly BMA Colorado) will host Jeff Pugel, founder of Ignition LLC, at Look Listen’s Denver office for the pre-work discussion: Morning Brew: Filling the Funnel — Strategy, Tactics & Tools to Drive Revenue. Ahead of that chat, we were interested in learning more about Pugel and what his experiences have taught him as a digital marketer in this fast-paced industry.

Do more ... to make your website accessible.
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What You Need to Know about ADA and Websites

First, you should know Domino’s Pizza and Beyoncé are currently facing lawsuits about their websites’ lack of accessibility. We’ll get into that more a little later, but just know that this is no longer an issue you can push off, or a “nice-to-have” feature. There are consequences, and they are now.

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Down the Rabbit Hole: Widows, Orphans, Rags, and Rivers

Designers and editors, this vocab lesson is dedicated to you and your pursuit of elevated typography. You already know what all of these terms mean, but the clients or account managers you work with may not. So we’ve presented an easy guide that helps get everyone on the same page (and text on the same line).

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Down The Rabbit Hole: Subject Lines + Punctuation

You may be thinking, “This is a highly specific topic. How could there be a rabbit hole to this?” And we’re here to tell you, we originally didn’t think there was a lot of material to mine here. But as we started wading around in the subject line pool, we soon discovered how wrong we were. So let’s dive right in!

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Down The Rabbit Hole: Preheader Text

If you’ve ever worked with Look Listen on an email campaign, you’ve noticed a line of copy in our documents titled “PHT” or “preheader text.” Maybe you know what function it serves. Maybe you even know some of its history. But after this, you’ll know it all. Because we went on a fact-finding spiral about this mysterious preheader text, and would like to share it with you.

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Behind The Scenes: Art District on Santa Fe’s New Logo

Last month, Art District on Santa Fe unveiled a new look featuring the work of Look Listen’s Denver designers. Now, we want to offer you a little peek behind the curtain to learn more about where the redesign comes from, what the logo says about this art district and what more to expect from the arts organization. We spoke with Amy Dvorak, president of Art District on Santa Fe, for all the details.


Down the Rabbit Hole: Trademark Symbols

Perhaps you’ve never thought about disclosure marks or registered trademark symbols. You’re exactly like a former version of us, blissfully unaware of all the placements, restrictions, and general nuances that go into those symbols simply appearing and existing in text.

We’re here to change all that. Because now that we know, we’ll never be able to unsee what we’ve seen. And we like to pass on the curse of curiosity.