A global player in the outdoor cooking industry, Char-Broil distributes more gas grills across the United States than any other brand.

Their existing email marketing efforts are full of the best intent but limited in scope and, more importantly, results. They need more. They call Look Listen.

Food Left on the Table

Char-Broil's email list casts a wide net. But because the over two million recipients are untested and unqualified, there are significant holes in that net, resulting in low engagement results. Emails that do make it through the system could be more effective in drawing desired actions from targeted users.

Changing the Recipe

Look Listen's first step is to redefine the segmentation of the email sends. After unresponsive targets are eliminated and deliverability is maximized, it's time to launch re-engagement campaigns to gain targeted, qualified recipients. This process is ongoing and continuously evolving to ensure a robust and economical mailing list.

Feast Your Eyes

Now that we're reaching our audience, let's give them something worth clicking. Big, bold font treatments lend a masculine energy to Char-Broil's tips, offers and discounts. Crisp, mouth-watering lifestyle and product images engage and tantalize readers. Clever yet direct copy with a personable, twist-of-wit tone establishes an immediate and lasting relationship.



Modular and Flexible

design "quadrants" for visual freshness

gif displaying Char-broil advertisements

Clicks Well Done

With a highly-refined and ever-growing recipient list receiving a steady stream of attractive, irresistible content, Char-Broil is reaping the benefits of a successful email marketing strategy. Look Listen's passionate, holistic approach is good for the brand, good for the numbers and good for the grillers.