Kool Smiles is on an inspired mission to provide first-class dental services to disadvantaged communities.

They need a fresh approach to attracting young kids and families to their dental services. And they need this approach to provide measurable value under a fixed budget. Kool Smiles needs some magic. They called Look Listen.

Grin & Bear It

The power of video to broadcast brand messaging and influence audiences is undeniable. But video production and placement can get expensive, especially given the unpredictable conversion rates. And with no real system to measure engagement beyond the user's initial click, video campaigns can leave a lot to be desired.

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Data with Teeth

Look Listen initiates a Synthesized Attribution Model so that both click- and view-through conversions are tracked at a granular level, similar to display ads. Even Kool Smiles visitors who convert over the phone are tracked back to the vendor of the unique video placement.

The series of pre-roll videos are bilingual and interactive on all devices, targeting a precise audience through hyper-geotargeted digital footprints with 100% cookie-able inventories.

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Say Cheese Whiz Kid

All that's missing now is an exciting way to engage our audience. Enter Whiz Kid, the fun and relatable knower of all things dental. She engages parents with oral health-related games and trivia in a series of entertaining and interactive pre-roll videos, steering them to custom landing pages where they're encouraged to enter their email address, call for appointments or challenge friends to a game on social media.

Crowning Achievement

By building and implementing an effective brand awareness campaign that is trackable and measurable, Look Listen gets maximum return on Kool Smiles’ budget. And more underserved kids than ever are getting the dental care they deserve. Smiling yet?

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67% of viewers watched the entire video

68% of view-through callers scheduled appointments

68% graphic


Average time English language visitors spent interacting with the videos