Make Hollywood Matter

PromaxBDA unites and inspires a global membership of entertainment and media marketing professionals through events, conferences and streaming seminars. They need to manage a massive amount of content and distribute it to a targeted audience in an engaging format. They call Look Listen.

Miscast Talent

The quantity and quality of content PromaxBDA shares with its members is certainly impressive. But inefficiencies in their segmentation process cause distribution gaps and misses. And when specific content does reach the proper audience, it's sometimes difficult to digest. Add the complexities of an awards show submission process and complications increase.

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Script Rewrite

Shifting the user experience to focus on the needs of the membership experience, Look Listen is able to connect with individual members according to their past interactions with PromaxBDA, resulting in more personal and influential engagements. This brings users deeper into the marketing funnel, where they can access focused, timely information that impacts their career.

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Set Design

With an audience of highly creative entertainment marketers, PromaxBDA content needs to flow fast and fluid with a sleek and engaging interface. Look Listen also implements a strong, adaptable visual hierarchy where specific content is given preference based on the user's history and profile.

ipad displaying PromaxBDA content

Red Carpet Worthy

Improved accessibility causes an immediate and significant increase in usage of on-demand content. The streamlined, cinematic design creates a direct link from the Golden Age of cinema to the new age of technology. Acquisitions improve through increased conference registrations, membership commitments and renewals. The hero and his damsel ride off into the setting sun.

laptop displaying PromaxBDA content