EverythingIs Connected.

By forging critical connections throughout your business, we help you recognize opportunity, unleash potential, and deliver prosperity.

Connected Cohorts

Connected Cohorts is a proprietary framework for uniting sales and marketing teams with the extended ecosystem of people with whom they work, sell to, or influence.

Exposing Limitations

Within this framework, we address the limitations all companies face, including:

  • Unhealthy Internal Competition
  • Misaligned Actions
  • Territorial KPIs

Connected Cohorts exposes the source of these limitations and initiates a path to prosperity through cross-functional collaboration, using your company's existing investments, tools, and processes.

Four Critical Stages

While Connected Cohorts can operate within a variety of timeframes and budgets, we highly recommend committing to an intensive, five-week engagement, which consists of four critical stages:

  1. Research and Stakeholder Input
  2. Proprietary, Full-Day Workshop
  3. Dossier of Findings and Recommendations
  4. Project Plan for Prosperity

The Five Cohorts

Throughout this engagement, we are deeply focused on creating strategic alignment with your sales and marketing teams. To effectively do so, we will define your business and its surrounding market using five specific cohorts of people.

  • Strategy
  • Execution
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Influencers
  • End Users

What Are the Results?

At the conclusion of your five-week engagement, you can expect your company to experience:

  1. Alignment around priorities that will move the needle
  2. Collaboration and coordination between marketing and sales teams
  3. Unlocking additional value out of existing processes and frameworks

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