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Behind the Scenes of an Office Reopening

It’s a tale as old as time by now, and one shared across the country by office workers lucky enough to ride out the pandemic from the safety of their homes: Last March, we all packed up for the day and simply never returned to work as we knew it. Sure, there was a (masked) stop into the office here and there for a monitor or a mousepad, and even an open-air parking lot meetup or two. But mostly, we downloaded esoteric zoom backgrounds, threw away all our “hard pants,” settled into our home offices, and got to work.

News & Work,

Who Can Take a Virtual Conference and Turn it Into a WIN?

The key ingredient to success for any company is its people. So at a time when we are more virtually connected, but more physically and perhaps emotionally separated, how do you recapture your company’s human magic? How can you inspire and invigorate from within? With help from our creative and production teams and some ‘80s flair, Equifax found out.