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5 Fun Ways to Keep Virtual Teams Connected

Since many of us are fortunate enough to be stuck at home for the next few months (maybe?), we’ve explored a few exercises and activities to help keep us all connected. If you’re in the business of collaboration like us, take a look and try some out yourself!


All Aboard the Paid Media Roller Coaster

Fasten your safety belts and keep your hands inside the car at all times. Recent events have led to rapid changes in the supply of and demand for digital ad space. How will this wild ride affect advertisers? Let’s take a look at the trends within individual channels.

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How Creativity in Crisis Paves the Way for Future Success

If you were to walk into one of Kendra Scott’s retail stores early this year, you wouldn’t see jewelry hidden under a glass case. Everything would be out in the open for you to touch and feel, and you’d be greeted by retail associates ready to help you fasten that necklace you were eyeing. Fast forward a few months that felt like years, and over 100 stores are still open only for curbside pickup, with mask mandates and social distancing still in effect, Kendra and her team have had to get creative. In a recent webinar with Inc., she shared a few tips on how COVID-19 has changed her overall business model — and how other retailers can thrive while navigating these unprecedented times.


Calling All Potato Fans! Spring Spudness 2020

March Madness, like most everything else, is on hiatus until further notice. For those who live for their women’s and men’s NCAA Tournament brackets, we’ve got the next best thing: Spring Spudness.

Download your bracket now, print it (if you can) and send along to all your friends and family. Best of all? There are only winners as you contemplate whether you truly love French fries or vodka more.

Spring Spudness Bracket
Download your bracket today!

Photo by Nicolas Dmítrichev on Unsplash


What, Me Worry? How Google’s Antitrust Case Affects Your Business

It’s rare these days to hear about bipartisan action of any kind but, apparently, nothing brings the parties together like fear of Big Tech. Reminiscent of the watershed case against Microsoft, attorneys general for 50 U.S. states and territories have announced and started antitrust investigations into Google. The states have joined a federal probe amid growing concerns about Google’s handling of consumer data, information flow and, ultimately, competition. But, what does this mean for your marketing efforts and — more concerningly — will you have to use Bing now? Let’s dig a little deeper.