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What, Me Worry? How Google’s Antitrust Case Affects Your Business

It’s rare these days to hear about bipartisan action of any kind but, apparently, nothing brings the parties together like fear of Big Tech. Reminiscent of the watershed case against Microsoft, attorneys general for 50 U.S. states and territories have announced and started antitrust investigations into Google. The states have joined a federal probe amid growing concerns about Google’s handling of consumer data, information flow and, ultimately, competition. But, what does this mean for your marketing efforts and — more concerningly — will you have to use Bing now? Let’s dig a little deeper.

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Listen up! How Podcasts Became the ‘It Girl’ of Advertising

As far as podcasts are concerned, there are two eras: Before Serial and After Serial (you’ve listened, right?). Since the binge-worthy investigative series debuted in 2014, podcasts have enjoyed growing popularity. Of course, wherever the people go, advertisers tend to follow. So how can we, as marketers, take advantage of the era of audio? Let’s start by looking at how it all began.

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Rise of the Machines: The History of Artificial Intelligence

As you go about your day, enjoying weather updates from Alexa, traffic jam avoidance from Waze, and Spotify recommended playlists, it’s easy to forget this moment is the culmination (actually, work-in-progress is more accurate) of centuries of toils. Though many consider Alan Turing to be the father of artificial intelligence, the storied timeline of AI begins long before him. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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Your Data is Ours, Weather You Know it or Not

It’s 2019 and you no longer have to settle for humdrum weather alerts from your phone’s lame native app. Whatever your schtick — forecasts dripping with sarcasm, profanity (rounded out with good advice), cute puppies, or just a really cool interface — some developer has found a cheap way to bring it to your phone.

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All Play and No Work? Marketing in the Era of Automation

A quick stroll through Reddit is guaranteed to bear interesting fruit. Here, you’ll find the dank memes of tomorrow, a curated look at neighborhood stupidity on Nextdoor, and the internet’s unending devotion to The Office, among other things. Slightly more relevant to this topic, however, is a tale that unfolded on Reddit of a software developer who literally automated himself of a job.