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All Play and No Work? Marketing in the Era of Automation

A quick stroll through Reddit is guaranteed to bear interesting fruit. Here, you’ll find the dank memes of tomorrow, a curated look at neighborhood stupidity on Nextdoor, and the internet’s unending devotion to The Office, among other things. Slightly more relevant to this topic, however, is a tale that unfolded on Reddit of a software developer who literally automated himself of a job.  

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Digging Deeper than Demographics: IBM’s 15 Ideas for Anchoring Your Marketing Approach Around Customer Behaviors and Preferences

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all marketing, and it’s no longer enough to plan your communication around shallow demographic information. Customers expect — and marketers are capable of providing — engagement on a deeper level, and capturing implicit behavioral data is key. A recent Econsultancy study revealed 81% of marketers feel they contextually understand their customers, but only 37% of customers agree the messaging they receive is relevant.